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10-18-2013, 12:38 AM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post

Romulan Republic Special Operations Set

Romulan Republic Split Beam Rifle Mk XII or Romulan Republic Wide-Beam Rifle Mk XII
X Plasma Damage x2
5% Chance X Plasma Damage Per Second (Ignores Shields)
15 Kinetic Damage vs Borg
+4% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity

Romulan Spec Ops Armor Mk XII
+10% Stealth and Perception
+64 Physical Damage Resistance
+64 Kinetic Damage Resistance
+64 All Energy Damage Resistance
+60.1 Maximum Hit Points
When receiving all damage: 10% chance to grant +10 perception for 10 seconds to self and team (Max 3 times)

Romulan Republic Personal Shield Mk XII
+29.1 Root Resistance Rating
+29.1 Knockback Resistance Rating
308.7 Maximum Shield Capacity
Fully Regenerates after not taking damage for 3 seconds.
+10% All Energy Damage Resistance
When receiving all damage: 10% chance of applying Aerobatic Movements: +10% run speed increase for 6 seconds to self and team.

Two piece bonus:
Portable Cloaking Device
45 second recharge
+15% All Energy Damage
+10% Dodge chance
+300 stealth for 10 seconds

Three piece bonus:
Covert Operative Network
+2.5% Critical Chance
+2.5% Perception
+2.5% Run speed
Integral Frequency Modulator
Addons in Red are the things I would personally change as you need the Integral Frequency Modulator to be a true stf set (still not sure why they never just made that a part of the set weapon personally), and I have grown rather fond of the Romulan Wide-Beam rifle (exploit weapon same as a split beam, but able to exploit 5 targets vs split beam's 3). Combined with a pulsewave you have a nice group expose/exploit combo. I think getting the romulan visual for the set would be the trickiest party and a version of the Centurion helmet really belongs as the MK XII headpiece. Interesting ideas to think about though.