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10-18-2013, 03:11 AM
Have the borg been buffed? My Engi in his standard sovie used to be able to deal with the probes and spheres that come through the gate 98% of the time on his own on khitomer (I think that's the one, it's the one with the generator either side of the transwarp gate) normal but last night, both in that and the one with the Kang, I was barely making a dent in the Borg forces. I don't think it was anything done to my ship as he was plowing through Cardies on the two dailies as easy as normal.

Also, tried Hive space for the first time the other day. My word, I was just exploding everywhere in my defiant retrofit. It was a massacre! Even when I stayed beside the Queen for the two unimatrix ships.

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