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10-18-2013, 05:02 AM
Okay I got one:

Couple of days ago, a fellow fleet member and I are leveling a couple of new toons. We were sick of missions so we decided to join a Fleet Alert. (one of like 5 PVE available for captains).

We warp into the mission, and the first comment from the Avenger "Oh great, I am going to have to carry this team."

I asked what he meant by that, he mentioned that there was a couple of low ranked newbies playing.

Now, both my buddy and I have highest setups possible for our rank, and I was carrying a Scim fleet reinforcement (got to burn off all those ops assets).

Game starts, I bring out my Scim reinforcement to assist and we kill the first wave no problem, the avenger dies.

I make an off handed(Sarcastic) comment about we should have joined a eSTF instead. I get ignored.

We finish the Fleet Alert in record time, neither my buddy or myself die the whole time. The Avenger dude died 3 times. We checked the DPS log, my buddy had the highest DPS in the match.