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Originally Posted by reyan01 View Post
Not sure on the count of the Borg having been buffed defensively, but I, and others, have experienced an increase in their shield drain ability, usually using (but not limited to) tachyon beam.

As for HOSE - as per the last post I submitted, it's a mess. Of course, there are some PvE heroes who'll just shout at anyone who says this, saying that we're 'doing it wrong' but the fact remains that, as per your experience and the instance I outlined in my last post, tactics that are supposed to provide a measure of 'safety' in HOSE (staying next to the Queen or being underneath the Unimatrix ships) simply don't work.

What makes matters worse is the fact that evidence suggests that the bug that causes the Borg Unimatrix ships to be able to one-hit KO you from just about anywhere doesn't seem to trigger immediately, meaning that the team has a short window in which to kill them. But it is a short window, and most PuG's can't do it - a fact that the PvE heroes, who like to spout off about how everyone must be doing it wrong beccuase THEY did it okay, don't seem to be able to grasp.

I noticed the increased shield drain, but that's ok, as it is something the Borg were meant to do in show (I only ever play normal, I guess it's even worse on Elite) and I've got enough defensive powers rigged that my ship can recover shilds drains fairly decent.

But at least it wasn't just me following the 'safe orders' of going by the queen and under teh guns that made me explode so much. I was in my squishier defiant, who seemed to explode without loosing all it's shields. I may give it another try in my sovie, just to see what happens and ignore the 'stand by the queen' advice if it's borked.

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