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Originally Posted by kapla1755 View Post
I haven't tested the peircing beam rifle vs the Borg since rapid fire weapons tend to be adapted to quickly
I have run Infected Manus (elite) a few times with my outrageously underpowered Mk IX (white!) Plasma Piercing Rifle and I haven't noticed that the Borg adapt to the weapon any faster than any others. My guess is that just like the situation with procs on space weapons, where the proc chance isn't checked per shot but rather per attack (or volley, if you prefer), the coding behind Borg Adaptation relies on a system of stacking up adaptation per attack rather than per hit ... and for precisely the reason of leveling the playing field for rapid fire weaponry (or at least, not tilting it so far against them as to be disruptive to game balance).

So I suspect that what people are encountering with this bit of "common knowledge" that rapid fire weapons get adapted to (too) quickly is ... that the rapid fire weapons really have fast Recharge times on their attacks, rather than the fact that they fire in "bursts" of shots, each shot of which stacks up the Adaptation more quickly because the Adaptation rate depends on shots that hit, rather than "attacks" that hit (if the distinction I'm making here has meaning for you).

So people are both right (in one sense) AND wrong (in another) about this particular bit of conventional wisdom on this subject, methinks. And I say that because my common Piercing Plasma Rifle Mk IX actually does do a nice stream of damage numbers for almost the same span of time as any other weapon in my experience in the same situations.