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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
I like the idea of a Ground Romulan set, but the stats you are suggesting would create so much Ground PvP imbalance it wouldn't even be funny. For example, +100% all energy damage for 6 seconds every time you critically hit? A tactical officer can critically hit about once every half a second in ground PvP. They would be oneshotting people with stun pistols if such a set went live.
... *sigh* ...

I had really hoped this wouldn't be necessary, especially for people who profess to know their way around PvP. So ... let's look at what I actually wrote in my first post, instead of what you imagine I wrote, shall we?

Originally Posted by autumnturning View Post
Romulan Intruder Personal Shield
Mk X (Very Rare) requires Romulan Reputation Tier I
Mk XI (Very Rare) requires Romulan Reputation Tier III
Mk XII (Very Rare) requires Romulan Reputation Tier V
Vice Admiral / Lieutenant General

+{X}% Dodge chance (scaled by Mk # and Rarity)
+{X} Root Resistance (scaled by Mk # and Rarity)
+{X} Knockback Resistance (scaled by Mk # and Rarity)
{X} Maximum Shield Capacity (scaled by Mk # and Rarity)
Fully regenerates after not taking damage for 3 secs.
When you Critically Hit apply Ambush Cloak
  • Targets Self Only
  • +100% All Energy Damage for 5 sec (expires on next attack)
  • +245 Stealth for 5 sec (expires on next attack)
So ... what does that mean?

First of all, I don't know where you're getting 6 seconds of +100% energy damage, since I clearly wrote 5 seconds, not 6 like you claim ... AND ... I very clearly wrote that the buff EXPIRES upon attacking ... which means it applies to ONE attack instead of 6 seconds worth of attacks.

So ... in gameplay ... what that would mean is ... if you Critically Hit while wearing this Shield, you go into Ambush "mode" ... and this effect lasts for either 5 seconds or until your next attack, whichever comes first, and then the Ambush Cloak expires ... meaning it only applies to ONE attack.

When using the Intrusion Rifle as I designed it in my first post, the most likely impact this would have on gameplay is that while maintaining a continuous Barrage of fire on a single target, intermittently (because of a Critical Hits), you'll get a +100% damage buff for a single volley of plasma shots during the continuous stream for a brief spike of damage (1 attack's worth) ... and you'll be able to "tell" because your avatar will oh-so-briefly do a Stealth animation and then fade right back to normal almost immediately because you're attacking continuously (hold down the mouse button) causing the Ambush Cloak to "expire" almost instantly.

As advertised in my first post in this thread, this would cause attackers using the full Set to "flicker" in and out of Ambush Cloak, which I think would make for a really interesting combat effect that would be uniquely Romulan.

Realistically speaking, in actual gameplay, just about the only way to leverage this into being something "more" than it really is would be to use something like a Sniper Rifle of some variety, and somehow manage to make the Ambush Cloak proc boost your 2nd attack on the Sniper Rifle for an extreme spike of Exploit damage against an Exposed target. However, needing to score a Critical Hit on *something* first in order to proc the Ambush Cloak would make being able to do this "on demand" a sufficiently Good Trick that at that point you need to applaud the player's skill (and patience) in setting up that shot more than you need to be complaining that they were able to take it (let alone make it).

Attacking continuously with a "rifle" type weapon ~3 times per second for 6 seconds with a +5% Energy Damage buff amounts to a +90% cumulative damage over time effect (roughly speaking) ... while for "pistol" type weapons that can fire as many as ~4 times per second (theoretically anyway) adds up to a +120% cumulative damage over time effect ... relative to the baseline. My point being that a +5% Energy Damage for 6 seconds buff effectively amounts to granting +1 "free shot" worth of damage delivered (roughly speaking) if attacking continuously for that entire span of time ... which is basically equivalent to putting +100% Energy Damage onto a single attack. The difference however between the two is Pressure vs Spike damage delivery, in which the "pressure" option is a lot more "forgiving" of player skill and opportunism (ie. if you make a mistake or miss an opportunity, you're not losing out on much), while the "spike" option is pretty much All Or Nothing, use it or lose it, which is a lot LESS forgiving of circumstances and opportunities in actual gameplay.

So ... Equivalent But DIFFERENT.

Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
There's also the matter of giving two tactical officer abilities to the other classes with no regard for the imbalance that would create. Medics with stealth module, any ground PvPer will read that line and tell you how impossible it would make killing science officers.
Once again, let's actually look at what I actually wrote, shall we?

Originally Posted by autumnturning View Post
Set 2: Cloaking Module
Cloaking Module masks you from sight, but enemies can detect you at close range. While cloaked, your abilities that affect others (including attacks) are disabled.
Immediately after leaving stealth you will have a short duration damage bonus. This ability may be toggled on and off.
Targets Self
0.5 sec activate
20 sec recharge
+475 stealth

Skills that affect this ability:
Special Forces
So a "medic" using this ability would be unable to affect others while the Cloaking Module is active. Science Captains and Science Bridge Officers on the ground have no inherent ability to reduce Recharge times, since that's a Tactical Captains Only ability. This means that in PvP a Science Captain using the Cloaking Module is out of the fight until they toggle it off ... and once they've toggled it off, it's going to stay off for at least 20 seconds, nominally speaking.

If 20 seconds isn't long enough to kill a Science Captain or a Science Bridge Officer in PvP ... how much longer would you need to kill them? My point here being that if you can continuously fire upon a "medic" Science Officer (captain or bridge officer) for 15+ seconds and STILL not be able to kill them, then the root cause of the problem isn't in the possibility that "medics" can use a Cloaking Module to avoid letting you shoot at them.

Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
The armor providing a proc that boosts Critical chance up by 15% would only make things worse. This whole Romulan set is basically a super buffed up version of the current Omega set, not another alternative set option.
Again, let's look at what I actually wrote, shall we?

Originally Posted by autumnturning View Post
Romulan Intrusion Armor
Mk X (Very Rare) requires Romulan Reputation Tier I
Mk XI (Very Rare) requires Romulan Reputation Tier III
Mk XII (Very Rare) requires Romulan Reputation Tier V
Bind on Pickup
Vice Admiral / Lieutenant General

+5% Critical Chance
+{X} Physical Damage Resistance Rating (scaled by Mk # and Rarity)
+{X} Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating (scaled by Mk # and Rarity)
+{X} All Energy Damage Resistance Rating (scaled by Mk # and Rarity)
+2.5% Critical Chance
+20% Critical Severity
When receiving All Damage, 10% chance of applying Target Analysis
  • +5% Critical Chance for 6 sec
By my accounting, that looks like a +7.5% Critical Chance on the armor, with a 10% chance to increase that to +12.5% (total) for 6 seconds. I don't know where you're getting the idea that this adds +15% Critical Chance on the armor like you claim. The only way you could get to that is by adding in the Set 3 bonus ...

Originally Posted by autumnturning View Post
Set 3: Team Ambush Field
Affects Friend and Self
+14.5 Dodge to self and allies
+2.5% Critical Chance
+2.5% Critical Severity
... which by the way is a carbon copy of the Set 3 bonus on Omega Force, as I'm sure you're already aware. If you're going for the Set 3 bonus then you're using the weapon too, which has a 40% chance for a "chance for +2.5 critical chance when attacking" which I copied verbatim off the Plasma Piercing Rifle Mk IX (common) writeup in-game. So what you're really looking at is a +Critical Chance of +10% nominally with a rare potential to spike up to a +17.5% for brief intervals (if the armor and the weapon both proc together). Even at an attack rate of ~3 shots per second on continuous fire, that still really means scoring a Critical every few seconds (like 2-4) of continuous fire (ie. every 5-12 attack volleys or so) while using a weapon that doesn't have an Exploit Attack.

Let me repeat that in case it wasn't already obvious enough.

The full Romulan Anti-Borg Ground Set as I've proposed it doesn't have an Exploit attack (unless if you count meleeing with the Rifle Butt attack) ... just like the Klingon Honor Guard Set doesn't have an Exploit attack. That's because rather than relying on Expose/Exploit to deal heavy damage, the set as I've proposed it instead relies on Critical Hits, which then proc the Ambush mechanic instead, thus creating a need for a 1-2 combo of attacks that yields a "pressure spike" of two heavy hits in a row (one Critical, one Damage buffed). And, as if that wasn't enough ... the weapon itself isn't a "spike" damage weapon but more of a "pressure" type weapon with its continuous fire mode. Heck, the Ambush Cloak is all but completely wasted on the Plasma Grenade attack because the only damage being enhanced on the grenade is the plasma damage over time since the explosion damage is Kinetic, not Energy.

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