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10-18-2013, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by aftulus View Post
Now I have classes with the wrong ships all over my account.
I didn't know there were "right" and "wrong" ships for classes. But to be honest, I use an escort on my fed engi, and a carrier on my KDF engi. Maybe I'm not able to understand.

And I DO NOT want to have to go through getting those to 50 and get the rep up again.
So, you went all the way to 50, then grinded the rep, and finally you found you don't like the class ? And you need several weeks to rep up to rank 5. Are you just extremely slow to make an opinion or something ? Because it seems you played this character for months, maybe more, before you realizing you didn't like it.

There is almost no room in this game to do somethig wrong.
Yet, it seems you did, and still complain.

It's not like we learn everything about the ships likea captain does in the fiction. So having those demans is completely unreasonable! Let alone if someone decides to change. Don't people do that in the fiction? Don't captains have to obtain all areas of knowledge to start and have experience. It makes no sense....
Before becoming captain, they spent years slowly climbing the ranks, starting as an ensign. They don't start as Captain.

And they could even do what seems to be their favorite thing. Sucking money out of people...
You are the one asking to PAY to change class. Rerolling is free.

And it has no realistic fictional correlation.
An engineer is a lot different than a scientist, or a military. You don't see a lot of engineer suddenly becoming doctor in a hospital, without studying.

Those space abilities and what not matter that much to play in this game. And I'm tired of being an engineer in an atrox.
Did you try to use another ship ?

I though engineer would play out like what science does from the description.
I have not managed to figure out one thing in this game correctly from descriptions. Not one iota.
This is the Engineer description, when you create a new character (what you did) :
Survivability, support generators, and controlling the paths of enemy advance with fieldworks. The Engineering officer can withstand the most damage by improving the performance of their personal shields, while supporting their away team with power generators or by bottlenecking the enemies advance with defensive mine fields. The Engineer's own combat effectiveness is improved by modifications to their firearms or support fire from fabricated turrets and drones.
Sounds accurate. Survability ? Check. Fieldwork ? Check. Power generators ? Mines ? Check and check.