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Originally Posted by agentsorchus View Post
First thing first, the piercing plasma rifle and the other special LoR plasma weapons have up to Mk XI purples in the dillithium store. Running around with a white IX just shows how little you've looked into the various aspects of this. Secondly the Piercing rifle really shouldn't be mated to a spike damage grenade launcher or other type of spike damage, because the entire point of the weapon is pressure damage. [ED: I break this myself though below]

Now since the devs just aren't going to do a special Romulan anti borg set lets have fun anyway.

For the weapon I'm thinking Omega and HG both have area damage secondaries while only Fed's have a single target focus weapon. So maybe a Piercing rifle type weapon with a charge-able High density beam mode (maybe in disruptor damage). Makes them a little distinct from the other faction, while maintain the unique weapons LoR brought in.

For the armor instead of upon crit how-about a bonus when flanking? After all never turn your back on a Romulan. Use recoil compensating and then add a bonus to stealth-sight and all energy damage.

And start with a Repulsion shield, but instead of repelling opponents it is a spike of radiation damage (with immunity to radiation for yourself.) Add at least 20% reduction in plasma damage and I think it wouldn't be a bad bet.

The two piece bonus could be a smoke grenade or something unusual (maybe a smoke grenade turret), while the first 3 piece set should give a bonus to healing (like 10%) and to all allies on low health a bonus to weapon secondary recharge. (Like the [Rch] modifier that isn't used all that often.

As for style, a buckler shield on one arm would add to it's appearance of armor without massively bulking the suit out at higher marks. Bonus is the cowering expression in the face of an explosion would put your shield up in the way of damage.
hmmm how about instead of normal radiation, theleron radiation or the ability to charge up a theleron blast similar to the Nukara cryo set with the electrical discharge?
could use the repeating pistol type of primary fire with 2ndry as the wide beam, did I say I really liked the wide beam rifle