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10-18-2013, 05:34 PM
Interesting interview. But I take issue with a couple of things:

1. The Constellation is "such an old ship" it wouldn't be higher than Tier 2 if ever added to the game. Really? The Excelsior is an older design, and not only has a Tier 5 variant, but a Fleet variant as well.

2. The Springfield and New Orleans are ugly kitbashes with highlighters for nacelles, and are unlikely to make into the game because of a perceived lack of interest. However, he leaves out the fact that the Cheyenne was cut from the same cloth, but is in the game.

He mentioned that they will most likely focus on in-house designed ships in the future, rather than the remaining canon vessels. I sincerely hope not, for the Cryptic design team has been hit of miss when it comes to their designs. Some of them make the worst canon kitbashes look like first class beauty queens.