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01-07-2010, 12:29 PM
From my understanding, the Genesis 'system' is as in use as much as it could be. It appears to be some form of procedural content generation which they are using to create a large number of base systems which they are then tweaking to add a bit of depth and coherence.

What else could you want from it? Pseudorandom content generation wouldn't work, as the content has to be the same for all players (persistent universe), so it has to be run locally and the results distributed, which is what they are doing. The developers then taking their time to polish the result a bit can hardly be a bad thing, right?

It sounds to me like what they have is exactly what they wanted to build, and I am sure they maintain the capacity to add systems, planets, et. al. at a staggering rate. That's a best-of-both-worlds solution with the large amount of content possible through procedural generation and the polish, cohesion, and persistence possible from content distribution. I'm really excited to explore the result, myself -- as an avid gamer, as a hardcore Trekker, as a computer scientist, and just as a wanderer.