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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
Coming in Season 8 will be a new Reputation Sponsorship feature. It will allow a character with a T5 Rep to run a Project (costs 100 Marks) that creates a Sponsorship Token. Then, using the Account Bank, transfer that Token to an Alt. The Alt can then run a Project that uses the Token to unlock a Double-XP Bonus in that Rep. So instead of only earning 2,800xp per day, your Alt can earn 5,600xp per day, cutting the grind in half!

The Sponsoring T5 character can make as many Tokens as they like for each T5 Rep they have (come Season 8 this will work for all Reps: Omega, Romulan, Nukara, and Dyson). So you can pimp out all your Alts from one Main character.

Obviously being in test, there are details that may change, but this is really great news, and I'm really looking forward to S8 all the more!!

This is on Tribble for Testing now. Details here:
It is a definite improvement, but my happiness is tempered with need to wait till prime completes T5 and then after it is timegated, the alt has the same 20 hr time gate. I plan on building up resources on desired alts, but it doesn't do much to improve the situation. I think they put off an account wide rep system for a future season. I don't see a 50% bonus helping that much when you have 8 reputations to start and the nukara and romulan ones could be near deserted because of the regular attendance required on the newer ones.
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