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10-19-2013, 03:41 AM
Odyssey gets all four commands, but not the Bortasqu'...

It is not so much about getting that fourth command for the sake of completion, but to get the aggro aura in order to be a viable tank, since it will be an integral cornerstone for any future hi-end tank (and yes, they do have a purpose in STO). As a KDF player I want to have a Klingon-design ship choice to do that, and not being pushed to a non-Klingon design And as I said, there are plenty of sensible choices: The Vo'quv, the Bortasqu', the Negh'Var...

I know that these ships, in contrast to Odyssey and co., can equip cannons. So why not give these Klingon ships three commands as it is, but a different variation, i.e., Attract Fire, Strategic Maneuvering, and Shield Frequency Mod. ? No Weapon System Efficiency in order to compensate for their cannons.

Otherwise my question would be: What is the supposed niche for a Bortasqu' War Cruiser or Negh'Var in PvE endgame? Damage dealing?? In every respect there are better choices amongst cruisers, e.g., the Vor'Cha. Tanking? Without the aggro aura they have a profound disadvantage here, too...
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