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It almost seems like that is the case already. From what I've experienced class matters a lot less in this game than your crew, ship and load-out.
Yea, but you need some captain abilities for science builds espeically. If I had understood the game I would have picked science and made other choices. We should really be able to correct those and go about our characters. The science build for me would be alot more productive and I would enjoy it alot more. But there is no way I am regrinding all the time sensative stuff(rep etc) and giving up my equipment. I will be playing a new game before that happens. I didn't spend that time to not enjoy and get my character how I like and get to explore the game. Pretty odd, for star trek of all things, to not let you freely explore the game. 8)

I would actaully enjoy the game alot more to switch my main to science on my atrox. But like I said I'm not undoing what work I put into it. I will have to find another game to play until or unless they change it and let me do what I want.

At the least they should let us learn another one and slowly transistion into that other class. In the real work yo pick up and learn new skills all the time. Why not make classes like skills but use exp bars. Then let you unlearn other ones as you relearn the other class. Then you can respec in a way as long as it is between classes(actually you could avoid touching skills altogether and make you respec it seperately like now, Just make skills of non affect until you level up to the correct level again under the new class!). But have it be like multi class where you cannot combine them. Just play them like you were that class. It would amke sense for this game and fiction. I mean you are supposed to learn all fields to become captian. Then you could just change between what is your main one you want ot use and keep regrinding into the other spec if you want to change. Then it's somethig to work for! AKA you slowly ungrind one class to become the other! But not crossing thier skills. It would be like making one lv 50 while the other one goes back down to level 1! We could pay 500 zen to open up the other class and have them both open(though not simultaneously playable.. Then if we wanted to change classes we could grind into it, with all that excess expertise even potentially, and switch it through normal game mechanics! Then you have either class and can go back and forth with work without loosing other aspect of the character. Then as you play the one you can go back and do the science etc stuff or engineering stuff you couldn't do before for fun etc. I would think with this game that would be doable!

Then all you do is literally choose which class you want to play that you have unlocked and grind just the character level!(do this through only allowing a total ammount of levels over all classes x/50!) It the switched with class skills you have and other normal options as if you were the other class. Then you can be multiple classes without being more than one at once! It would atleast give us the option of changing class. And give us the work of the normal level grind to be fair. Gold players could get all of them open all the time maybe with an exp bonus. And free players could pay to open the slots(engineer,sci,tac) before engaging in the work of grnding the new class up to use it!(while leaving all other aspects of the character as is!) Again only one class would be level 50 at one time! If one rises the others fall. And no benefit for multi class. Only pure downside!

Since level grinding isn't that hard it would be doable for this game. And it would still take long enough not to be unbalanced.

As for your boffs etc. leave them how they are and just black them out of higher skill until you are sufficient level again. Or leave them as is wihle you regrind etc. Even the skills could be left as is without blanking them out. You technically had level 50. and you still have 50 total levels. Just a way to make class changes doing pure character level grinding! You are still level 50 but those levels are transitioning! Then just keep a tab on levels seperate from class, (x/50) for everything not class related. And everything class related still connected to that classes level specifically! I think that is simple enough. I bet it could be pulled off.

Then make a new tab in the character screen that has the level bars for each class(unusalbe/unbought ones greyed out) and a thing at the top saying (x/50) levels representing your total levels, aka if you are admiral etc. And have a button to buy a class token from the cstore etc. Then you open it and select it and play it to grind up. You could even do that at lower levels then and everyone could choose what they want. And make the tokens per character! 250-500 zen or someting!

250 zen would be a good price. It's grindable at alot of levels potentially. so people could really choose what they want no matter when and open up that part of the game! then it's 500zen per character to permanently open them up!

The changing of levels would be totally automated. if you ever level into one after you have 50 total levels it takes from the others. Each time you level it takes from another class etc. So all you do is choose the class oyu want to pick and start levling. You could even choose to lock your character if you did decide to not loose levels in one class and not let it take like in your power menu for your ship! Maybe some people would want 3 lv 16s or something... but they would not benefit each other. Only hinder! switching class selection completely takes away your ability to use the other class abilities! they would vanish like taking off a set peice and not come back until you rechose the class. And obviously no changing in combat. Maybe even making you go to the NPC skill trainer that lets you buy tokens and choose it from a menu so you cannot do it in space etc. So no class swapping in battles etc.

So to make it as simple as possible. Once you have 50/50 levels you enver loose it. You are still admiral etc. You are just not always level 50 science or engineer! Then You just grind for your class abilities however you desire like a noob! 8p Somewhat proper for the reality actually. And the rest of your charcter is permanently what it was! Never affected by class changes! It would be pretty good and simple representation of class training. And perfectly fit the game! Didn't major star trek officer go from one class to another over the course of the show as they changed their minds or something?! Like one famous young boy! 8p This is probably pretty much kind of like what they had to do. But we don't see the inter ship duties they had to do!

And yes it took me that long to figure out if I liked it becuase I had to exhaust equipment setups to find that out and finish grinding gear and changing skill specs! Before that I didn't know how it would play out in the end for certain! I do not want to go through ALL of that hassle again. One part like the class levesl I mentioned above sure. But all of it, I can not stand to do it. It's bad enough on my alts. I am not waisting time, energy, and money from a main character I already did. That is literally making me throw my resources and time in the trash. I will not do that!

The above idea solves all of that permanently for everyone! And it makes rp sense for what it is. It's also as simple programming and logic wise potentially! Especially if you seperate admiral/rank level from class level. Which the above makes it easy to do. No muss with skill or any other part of hte game, simply disconect class levels and skils and wallah! To make the class screen all they hvae to do is direct the infor for you current class to that xp bar like it is on our normal screen and then make two blank ones. The whatever your class is is filled in wherever you are currently. There isn't much logic to display those per level and take or add some small extra level bars in your charcter data on teh server. That should be minimal on any server. And it wouldn't be hard to make the normal main screen xp bars load data when you switch classes at the skill trainer! Or I would think/hope not! Then you redirect all non class skill logic to the x/50 reference at the top for main/total level. You could even level up multiple classes and try until you decide the grind the one totally to 50 for whatever period you want! It would be a great addition for gold players! and something for free players to work for! So gold could go to the trainer and do 10 levels in engineer and go, nah, maybe I want to do sci for a bit. Then they can still get their skills like normal.

Maybe that would be the only down side becase of the differences in xp. Or if this game is the same xp per lvel it wouldnt matter. If it is not the same xp per level then you simply make each class also x/50 and have a total x/50 for your rank level(admiral ensign etc) base on your max class and switch at the trainer when you wish to and make them simple fill bars for class! Then allow max class to represent skills and everything else is the same! No muss no fuss!

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