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If there are Tactical Captains who can get to 60% Critical Chance indefinitely then that would be a balance problem with Tactical Captains then, wouldn't it?

But just for the sake of humor value ... please explain, in detail (meaning, Show Your Work), how a Tactical Captain achieves a 60% Critical Chance before adding in Weapon, Armor or Personal Shield.
Base Critical chance (2.5%), Gambling Device (10%), Romulan Tier I Passive (3%), Combat Specialist (2.5%), Lucky (5%), Strike Team Specialist (7.5%), Advanced Targeting Armor (~14%), Strike Team II (3%), Target Optics (+5%), Team Ambush Field (2.5 - 10), Weapon Mod (2.5 - 7.5). The player would be able to reach a maximum of 70% Critical chance with Tactical buffs and 63% Critical chance without buffs. With your proposed armor, that Critical chance could easily jump up another 20%.

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Uh ... you do know that every Captain in the game has access to the Romulan Reputation system, right? Meaning that every faction in the game would have access to these items equally ... meaning you wouldn't need to be a Romulan (or Reman) race Captain in order to access them. In what way would that be "conveniently limited to Romulans" ...?

And just for the sake of argument, I have no problem with putting a limiter on how often the Ambush Cloak can proc, should it be necessary for game balance because Tactical Captains are as overpowered as you assert when it comes to Critical Chance. Something on the order of "Effect can only happen once every {X} seconds" on the Ambush Cloak, with values of 10 sec for Mk X, 8 sec for Mk XI and 6 sec for Mk XII perhaps ... should it PROVE necessary for game balance. Mind you, I'm just tossing out numbers here for illustration purposes, rather than as a demand or insistence that I'm "right" and everyone else is "wrong" somehow. I could just as easily go with 10/9/8 instead of 10/8/6 or some other variation for the progression of the "proc limiter" on the Ambush Cloak should it PROVE necessary for game balance.
You are asking for a "distinctly Romulan" set, which implied you wanted it for the Romulan faction only, my mistake.

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You say that as if Ground PvP isn't "ruined" already by Tactical Captains (much like they do to Space PvP too, but that's a whole other plate of Gagh).

Ah. So you're going to play the "I'm pulling rank on you!" card. Got it.
Tactical captains on the ground do not ruin ground PvP. Also, no, I'm saying that you need to play ground to understand the implications of adding the set pieces that you suggest.

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Excuse me. Did I *SAY* that my armor buff stacks 3 times? Let's look, shall we?

Hmmm. There appears to be a DISTINCT LACK of anything saying "stacks 3 times" there. That means that your ASSUMPTION that the buff would "stack 3 times" is just you imagining things (again!). Coincidence? At this point you have enough of a track record in this thread to suggest the answer is "No."

Indeed, even if you are correct in that "all the other set armors let their special stack 3 times" when their long form tooltips don't contain mention of that (and I LOOKED), then that sounds like a "bug" that ought to be corrected so that they don't stack and instead work as advertised ... wouldn't you agree?

For what it's worth, even if other armor buffs "stack 3 times" like you say, I was operating under the assumption that the buff on my proposed armor would only "stack ONCE" ... instead of 3 times ... as advertised. Is that a problem for you?

Furthermore, in order for the special effect buff to stack 3 times, you'd need to take damage (at least) 3 times in 6 seconds. Being hit by damage often enough to make the proc "likely" to stack 3 times within that span of time ought to be enough to kill you before the proc can stack 3 times. I mean, the odds of the proc happening 3 times in succession is literally 1000 to 1. How many times can you get hit by damage within a 6 second time span and not be killed? What are the odds that getting hit LESS THAN that many times will proc a 10% chance 3 times within that time span so that you can live long enough to use it?

In other words, I don't look at a 10% chance when receiving All Damage and immediately conclude "this will be triple stacked EASILY, IN PERPETUITY" like you apparently do.
All percent chance to apply buff stats on armor stack three times, they need to be balanced around that fact. Cryptic would never allow for a bonus +Critical chance stat on armor that already has +5% critical chance. Even if they did add a +Critical chance proc to armor, it would be a 10% chance to add +2.5% for 6 seconds, stacks 3 times for a total of +7.5% critical chance. Then in active combat, this proc activates very frequently. Players stay alive a lot longer than you would think in ground PvP, it's not hard at all to get 3 procs on the armor.

Originally Posted by autumnturning View Post

So it's Tactical Captains who have ridiculously overpowered skills and need to be nerfed then so that they stop "ruining" Ground PvP for everyone else then ... yes?

By this point, the only thing I'm missing is a good reason to continue taking your complaints seriously.
No, Tactical officer skills are balanced around a cooldown. What you are proposing would create imbalance, as +100% all energy damage would be the same as giving someone an Ambush III with no cooldown. If Cryptic were ever to create such a proc, although unlikely, it would need a 30 second cooldown and stacking with ambush would need to be prohibited, as the proc would give players at least +250% all damage. There used to be a bug where tactical officers could kit switch to stack Ambush I, II, and III for basically 350% all damage instead of 150%. A proc with +100% damage would be starting to get close to that buggy level of damage again.