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10-19-2013, 11:43 AM
I've always tried my best to have a constructive outlook on anything new that is added to a game. But this is becoming very difficult with Cryptic. You ask for in-depth content and exploration and we get:

  1. New ships with more firepower
  2. New reputation for repetitive grind
  3. New fleet holdings for repetitive grind
  4. Dinosaurs with lasers on their head in power armor
  5. Halo inspired Mechs

It's very sickening when you think how much potential Star Trek Online has and how it feels this potential is being thrown to one side. I love Star Trek, and it feels that STO is getting further away from what Star Trek means.

You say these are genetically engineered. The Voth were insulted by the fact that Janeway was trying to explain that they were related to Dinosaurs on Earth. So why would the Voth engineer a species to be identical to those Dinosaurs. Also, why would they engineer those species with the exact same disadvantages that they originally had.

Surely, they would have given the T-Rex 4 legs instead of 2 legs and 2 short useless arms. It's amazing how much a little forward thinking can achieve, when you get off the LSD and apply yourself.

I don't mind reptilian type creatures that are maybe native from their home world. But to have something identical and on top of that in power armor with lasers on their head, that is another thing.

True, 'this is a game so let's have some fun'. But the problem Cryptic seem to have is that this is Star Trek. It gives the impression that people like Geko, know nothing about Star Trek.

Star Citizen has been mentioned in the past. I'll mention it again. Star Trek Online is becoming a glorified Facebook game. The exploration, diplomacy, the unknown and an ever changing universe where you are boldly exploring the final frontier, with true immersion (a lot of which we had been promised a long time ago by Cryptic), this is being offered in Star Citizen.

Now I know about engine limitations, but that does not stop creative thinking. I can only hope that the people at Cryptic put their thinking caps on and fully utilize what the Star Trek universe has to offer. I will save final judgement until Season 8 is released, but as of right now, I'm not impressed and a lot of my friends and fleet members are not either. One friend has already uninstalled STO over this.

I want Star Trek Online to be the best Star Trek / Space game out there. At the same time, the chances of this are very slim. Just because this is the only place that offers an online Star Trek fix, doesn't mean you can dish out this kind of "content".

"We're doing it wrong, but it's working...."

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