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10-19-2013, 02:44 PM
Actually, what the Voth were resisting was the fact their species was native to the Alpha Quadrant and not the Delta Quadrant as Doctrine stated.

They've never indicated that living creatures are inadequate because they come from this planet or that planet.

However, they do have their own set of issues with superiority complexes, but that mostly revolves around native species status and reptilian origins.

Also, the Voth in general don't believe they are from the Alpha Quadrant, so they most likely believe their Dinosaurs are not Alpha Quadrant species as well.

Or alterternatively, they could have found Delta Quadrant Dinosaurs somewhere and adapted them instead.

Ironically, that Voyager episode has a massive plothole.
Dinosaurs are not reptiles!

They're distantly related, but they're a completely seperate species, one that has no analog in modern times.

The most obvious flaw is when they refer to themselves as cold blooded, but Dinosaurs (like mammals) have warm blood.

That is a known fact by the way, they found a rare fossil which showed Dinosaurs had the circulatory system of a mammal, not a reptile.
The heart of a cold blooded organism is different to that of a warm blooded one.

And since the Voth are humanoid Dinosaurs........