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General reply:

Obviously putting dinosaurs in Trek has been a bit controversial. As a team, we also thought it was a bit controversial, but decided it made for really good gameplay and art opportunities and ultimately was too awesome and fun not to do. We also think it makes a lot of sense for a scientifically driven, technologically advanced formerly-dinosaur species - after all, our modern military uses trained Dogs and Klingons have used Targs in combat for years by this point. While some posters lament that actual dinosaurs were never seen on Trek (and therefore state that we shouldn't be using them), Trek has always been about exploring strange worlds with strange lifeforms that are subtly different from but similar to our own. The Voth military's choice to use engineered animals as tools can be a lens by which to examine our own human behaviors towards our less-evolved (or just differently-evolved?) mammalian brethren. Also, dinosaurs would have been awesome to see on any Star Trek show, but probably prohibitively expensive to do properly in terms of special effects.

I don't want to go too much in to story detail, both because that'd be spoilers and because I'm not a content designer, but the team here has put a lot of thought and effort into properly characterizing the Voth and making sure it makes sense that players are somewhat in conflict with them. While you do fight the Voth in the Dyson Sphere, they're not straightforward antagonists the same way the Elachi or other similar races were - instead, there's a drastic conflict of interest over what essentially is a natural resource, and that conflict fuels further confrontation between all factions involved.

This may be little comfort to those of you who object strenuously to the inclusion of our mighty fictional terrible lizards, but I hope you at least enjoy the inside view into the development and decision-making process that was behind the creation of the Voth. I'm a little biased, but I think they're *really* fun to play against, so I hope you'll give them a fair shake and try some combat against them when Season 8 arrives!

For as long as you put in vaporization animations on the Dinosaurs, I'll get over it possibly.

(Someone forgot to make one for the Mugato in Colony Invasion....)