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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I'd say a option to disable enemy ships instead of destroying them.
Maybe disabling could take more time, but give a higher chance of better drops.

The same could be done on Ground combat too.

Another thing would be a expansion of the exploration system.

As a fan of the ship tailor, i would love to see more ship parts.
Maybe Cryptic could release something like a "general ship parts pack" for each ship type in the Game (Science, Escort and Cruiser). Such a pack could include a set of new pylons, nacelles and Saucers.
Originally Posted by kintisho View Post
How about LESS ground missions or an option (whenever that beam in menu comes up)to beam in an ass ton of redshirts or a compliment of torpedos?? Unless they REPLACE the ground system with Crytek or something...

Both of these, though quite frankly I'd prefer to see a replacement of MOST destruction with disabling (Not counting Borg and maybe Elachi and some other minor things)... Blowing hundreds and hundreds of sentient beings up when there is canonically another option just seems kind of wrong.
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