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10-20-2013, 01:54 AM
All I have to say is that the Dev team has no clue what Start Trek should be!! This proves it to me that they think dino's TRex and ect is fun. Ok I can give them that sounds like fun. BUT!!! it is not Star Trek it looks like the Dev team missed the mark again and put a haloisk feel to the power armor. I honestly I dont care why the Dev team thinks of reasons why a Trex works but its BS. This is what I dont understand is why the Dev Team have not been CANED!!!! But we as the players dont do anything about this. How about for one week no one buys anything from the zen store and then lets see how long the Dev team keeps there jobs. Not long as this is a free to play game now they only care about the money they will make so lets as a whole take that away from them like they have taken Star Trek away from us. Just a thought and Dev team why use the duty officer missions for some new ideas. Oh that right that would be to easy and more like star trek.Not something you can make money off of but something for us the players.
Any ways Dev team Star Citizen is coming and when your bosses see how many people you lose to Star Citizen I hope they kiss you buts to the curb and find someone better then you!!!!
Thanks for taking STO and turning it into a Facebook game!!