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Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
There was a reason I had a tide by the Advanced Targeting Armor's percentage. It's base +10%, enhanced about 42% by combat armor skill points.
Oh, so NOW you come clean about what you meant.

Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Your armor would be affected by combat armor skill points as well. +5% Critical chance would turn into +7.4%ish critical chance. The extra +2.5% would become 3.6%ish. The proc would also be affected, pushing it up to 7.4%ish critical chance. Even for your sake of "only one stack on the proc", which is something Cryptic has never done with armor, you'd still be at 18.4% critical chance and +20% Critical severity. If the proc stacked three times, which is how Cryptic has made such procs in the past, that would be 33.2% critical chance, 19.4% more over Advanced Targeting armor.
So Advanced Targeting Armor is +10% Critical Chance (base armor, no skills) ... and is NOT destructive to game balance, because it's already in the game.

My construction for Romulan Intrusion Armor adds +7.5% Critical Chance (base armor, no skills, no proc(s)) ... which can go as high as +10% Critical Chance if wearing the Full Set (thanks to the Set 3 bonus) ... and IS destructive to game balance because it offers that buff "full time" ... just like Advanced Targeting Armor.

But then(!) ... it also comes with a proc to add an additional +5% Critical Chance on top of that ... what's the word I'm looking for here ... oh yes ... PARITY ... and you get all bent out of shape over it, ranting and raving that this would permanently destroy Ground PvP game balance for all eternity!

Yeah ... no ... I'm not buying what you're selling. Thank you for playing.

Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Now do you see how the armor will be overpowered?
I see a min/max PvPer whining a lot. I see champagne glasses filling with QQ because it becomes theoretically possible for fleetingly brief TRANSITORY moments to stack Critical Chance very high with the formulation I've put forwards.

However, I see NO APPRECIATION on your part that such theoretical maximums are anything BUT frequent, let alone that the baseline performance level of what I've designed, absent situational factors, is very much in line with the already established game balance performance levels and norms. Therefore I see no compelling reason to continue lending your complaints the credence they might otherwise have deserved.

Thank you for playing. Good day, sir.