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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
That would be terribly annoying for a lot of missions.
Also, unless the Cardassian part got its own tutorial and early missions, the side would not make sense.
You'd load up the launcher, log in and create a character. If you select Romulan, you'd be a Romulan, start with a Romulan Tutorial, and play Romulan themed missions until level #20. In the 20th mission, your character / the story would merge to become one with the Cardassian mini Faction.

Likewise, if you started a Cardassian, you'd get a Cardassian Tutorial, and play Cardassian themed missions until level #20. Again, come the 20th mission, the story would bring you to the same point at which the 20th mission from the Romulan perspective is, in that you'd then be following the same path.

It would probably be the 20th mission at the earliest point, 30th mission at the latest.

Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
And at that point Cryptic would probably already run into some problems because I doubt they can make missions depending on your species so the Cardassians and Romulans would need to be different factions for this to work.
It depends how they did it. If they created both factions as mini factions to start with, which later evolved into a core faction, then it could be done.

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Also, the Karemma are from the wrong side of the wormhole and probably still under Gamma Dominion control.
The Paradan are also from the Gamma Quadrant. I'm just thinking of other species that would work. Besides, with Odo now running the show, I'd think the Karemma be allowed a little more freedom.