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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
Likewise, if you started a Cardassian, you'd get a Cardassian Tutorial, and play Cardassian themed missions until level #20. Again, come the 20th mission, the story would bring you to the same point at which the 20th mission from the Romulan perspective is, in that you'd then be following the same path.
So its exactly like the current Romulan faction down to having a separated story line until the Vault were they would be treated as ROMULAN ...

In short its EXACTLY THE SAME and it even sells out the very core of playing as Cardassian because whats cross-faction? the Cardassian Front ...

The Paradan are also from the Gamma Quadrant. I'm just thinking of other species that would work. Besides, with Odo now running the show, I'd think the Karemma be allowed a little more freedom.
Odo is not the leader of the Dominion and the Karemma would not be joining the Romulan Republic either.

You make no sense, so fat the only thing you did was trying to get Romulan and Reman BO's for free.
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