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10-20-2013, 04:57 AM
First of all it was DS9 that made the Cardassian a Shadow with their involvement with and subsequent Betrayal of the Dominion and the Dominions... harsh reaction to that fact...

Then again, logistically it would be a complete Nightmare for the New Romulan Republic and the Cardassian Detapa Council to work together with a thing as big as the Federation between them and the Romulan Star Empire Remnant and the Klingons at the NRRs throat and the True Way kicking the Cardassians...

Even with Odo up with the rest of the Founders... he's but one person, sure he might have change some views but the general overview would remain largely the same meaning that everything under Dominion Control WILL stay under Dominion Control but probably given some more room for trade and a bit of self-governing but would still need to adhere to general Dominion Policies meaning they would not be able to just go "Sorry Founders, we have different Plans, see ya!"... at least not without the complimentary orbital bombardment by your friendly neighbourhood Jem'Hadar Attack Wing...

And last... what would be the justification for this besides Gameplay?
What is the Story behind it? Why would they choose to ally with one another with the Federation in between?
And do you think that the Klingons would take it lightly that the New Romulan Republic (and not just some lone Captains) allies themselves with the Cardassians?
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