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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
We know very little about what happened with the Cardassians until the STO lore came around. We know they were beaten by the Dominion, but what else?
The Union Governing body wasn't much more than a mere puppet in the later stages of the conflict... Cardassia Prime was ravaged by the Dominion in retaliation to their betrayal...
The Cardassian Union was effectly destroyed...

I never once mentioned the Detapa Council. I'm talking more splinter groups of Cardassians. Maybe ones that want the use of a military, but don't support the actions of the True Way?
That would make even less sense... further splintering the Cardassians... how much do you think would we gain out of this?

Granted, though it was just an idea. Besides, if it's just a case of lore standing in the way, I'd direct you to all the things we've already got in-game that lore wouldn't agree with. We've already got a Jem Hadar Officer (per character), that's a lot of rebellious Jem Hadar. That, and the Dominion ships. Surely the Founders aren't happy with the Federation, Klingon and Republic using their ships and technology?
There were already a lot of rebellious Jem'Hadar during the run of DS9 so at least that is not much of a stretch (and for the record the Story as presented still treats you as the only one acquiring him...)

Mutual benefit? Each side would be gaining a strong ally out of their alliance. They'd both want a more peaceful representation of their respective factions, and we know that both factions can and have worked together in the past.
Okay, now you've just stumbled around a bit... first you want to further splinter the Cardassians and now you say both would gain a "strong" ally?
That doesn't really fit together...

The Klingons have enough on their plate at the moment. I don't think they'd worry about a new alliance until said alliance became a threat (and a threat it wouldn't become).
Oh... I don't think so... for all we know the Klingons are currently in a complete Frenzy... first sacking the Gorn and Orions then hiring Nausicaans... declaring war against the Federation, being in a Cold War with the Romulans since the last Alliance (even before TOS) actively invading Romulan Space etc.
Now another Romulan State allying themselves with an entity even more despised than the Romulans themselves... Oh I am pretty sure the Klingons would retaliate for this behaviour... sacking the New Romulan Republic and going for the Remnants of the Romulan Star Empire...
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