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It is clear to me that you don't support this idea, so you'll have to accept I'm not going to go into a great deal of effort to reply to all of your ... concerns.

Originally Posted by saekiith View Post
The Union Governing body wasn't much more than a mere puppet in the later stages of the conflict.
The Cardassian Union became a puppet due to Dukat and Damar; it was only later that Damar stood up. As soon as they lost Dukat, that's when it started to go south for them.

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That would make even less sense... further splintering the Cardassians... how much do you think would we gain out of this?
We'd gain a faction out of it. Why is it so hard to believe there would be different groups of Cardassians?

Group #1 ~ The True Way
Group #2 ~ Happy being under Federation rule, with no Military of their own
Group #3 ~ Unhappy being under Federation rule, desires a Military of their own for the sake of self preservation and security

Something else we need to consider too, the current Cardassian state has no military, no ships (or a serious lack of them anyway) as they're essentially under Federation rule. If we get another mini faction focusing on these Cardassians, are we going to be flying around in shuttles and cargo transports? A military force is forbidden.

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There were already a lot of rebellious Jem'Hadar during the run of DS9 so at least that is not much of a stretch (and for the record the Story as presented still treats you as the only one acquiring him...)
So there can be rebellious Jem Hadar but not rebellious Karemma / Paradan?

Originally Posted by saekiith View Post
Okay, now you've just stumbled around a bit... first you want to further splinter the Cardassians and now you say both would gain a "strong" ally?
That doesn't really fit together...
It does actually. Said splinter group wouldn't define the Detapa Council strong, thus they'd join with the Republic to reclaim their strength.