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Originally Posted by turbomagnus View Post
The Fed-RR-Klingon triangle can be accepted to a degree because it keeps the Republic divided and weak while giving the Klingons hostages in the form of KDF-Roms to ensure good behavior. Bring the Cardassians - an enemy of the Klingons - into the equation and suddenly you've got two 'former' enemies and one current enemy all working together to some degree. Klingons may be many things, but foolish Klingons do not live long and only a fool wouldn't consider that a potential threat to the Empire. The Klingons are the type to consider the ability to be a threat equal to the fact of being a threat; as long as the Republic is divided between them and the Federation and they can control some of the flow of resources, the Republic is not a threat. Ally the Cardassian Union and Republic, increase the flow of resources between both groups in a way that the Empire can't control... they both become a threat.
What exactly do you imagine happening if/when they bring out that mini Cardassian faction. Another alliance system is no doubt going to be the route they take, allying Cardassians with the Klingons. That's the worst idea ever. At least this way it would keep that from happening. One benefit.