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Where do you think the Republic got their ships and technology from? It wasn't the Tal Shiar.

It stands to reason that there are Cardassian ships stored in docks somewhere. These can be claimed. In addition, new ships can be built via shipyards. Heck, the Ar?Kif was a Republic design, and if they can design and build their own ships, so can a sub-faction of Cardassians.
And you think the Federation would just let that happen when they vowed to protect the new Cardassia under the Detapa Council?

You think that they just let some random Cardassians into most likely heavily guarded Docks and Depots and just let them Walk away with fully armed Warships?

You think that the Federation would just sit idly by when some random Cardassians, even less organized than the True Way seizes Shipyards and starts building full Warships?
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