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10-20-2013, 08:39 AM
It does seem odd that the Bortas classes don't get attract fire. I mean look at thing. It screams, I'm going to fire very large guns at you as I lumber towards you, while you shoot at me and it does nothing....then you die. I would think that Attract Fire will be its first ability.

And just for something random, considering how big some of the ships are getting, we've got the Scimitar now, and the Voth City Ships are going to be enemies in the near future. Why do I get the crazy sensation we're gonna get the Klingon Cardassian Alliance Negh'Var from the mirror universe????

Anyway, as far as the Bortas is concerned how about a variation. The Bortas'qu Command vessel is an engineering focused cruiser. Why not have that singular edition have all four commands?

That said from an in story perspective it makes sense. For the Klingons this is a duplicated technology from espionage. It would be illogical for them to perfectly duplicate the tech and thus get the full range of abilities. (it would be nice if the Klingons came up with something for Starfleet to hijack). Truth is Attract Fire doesn't fit in to Klingon design philosophy. Klingons since they got the cloak, have a strike hard and fade away attack ideal. Their ships are hard as they come, but they're much more interested in destroying enemies than taking hits for their allies. But even then it's still odd that their heavy hitters, the Bortas and Negh'var aren't getting this. Those are both siege ships that are designed to take heavy punishment.
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