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Originally Posted by flash525 View Post
Where do you think the Republic got their ships and technology from? It wasn't the Tal Shiar.
Oh really? are you trying to compare the Romulan Star Empire with the Cardassian Union?
The Republic might got their ships from the Romulan Navy shipyards but lets not compare both as if they are the same, Cardassia was on the losing side of the Dominion War and demobilized and disarmed after.

This is the Treaty of Bajor.

It stands to reason that there are Cardassian ships stored in docks somewhere. These can be claimed.
That begs the question of why with their backs against the war they werent used in the Battle of Cardassia, considering the state the Cardassian military its unlikely they would have Galors just lying around and be forgotten.

In addition, new ships can be built via shipyards. Heck, the Ar?Kif was a Republic design, and if they can design and build their own ships, so can a sub-faction of Cardassians.
Because the Republic inherited or taken over existing Romulan Shipyards, the Cardassian Union on the other hand was by the Treaty of Bajor occupied by the Federation Alliance, its beyond unlikely would be building warships under such supervision.

You are trying to build a Cardassian Union that cease to exist following the Dominion War, not what exists.
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