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10-20-2013, 08:45 AM
Technically, it wouldn't even need to be a full breakaway faction; just a group of 'rogue' officials, probably under a charismatic leader (a departmental Minister or something like that); they surrepticiously begin to rebuild and rearm the Cardassian Orders, then start by fighting to push the Terran Empire/Mirror Universe out of Cardassian space.

The Klingons take umbridge and declare war on the Cardassians for violating the Treaty of Bajor, ignoring the fact that it's a group of rogues and attacking 'loyal' Cardassians, forcing the Federation to come to the Union's aid per the terms of the Treaty, except the rearmed Orders don't see a difference between the Terran Imperial Starfleet and the Federation Starfleet...
JHAS updated to T6 with the JHSS... What's next, T6 'Keldon' update for the Galor?