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10-20-2013, 09:34 AM
personally i'd find a cardassian /romulan alliance more acceptable then what we currently have. it's a fairly decent concept.

i'd love to see romulans as a 3rd faction and i'd love to see cardassians in the game. if this is the only way the 2 can happen I say, make it so!!

if they come down to basics. cardassians need ships and their own species. to think romulans only had 4 choices. I can imagine cardassians. liberated borg cardassians and alien as options.

a few ships beyond the galor. cryptic a have reasonable cash cow on their hands.

the hard part would be devoting time to a tutorial and a few missions of good story that make more sense than LOR.
i'm pretty sure they can break away from a 2 sided game and really expand the possibilities beyond a 2 sided red team vs blue team game.

or worst case scenario make cardassians and romulans join 'team red' and really make the population grow!