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10-20-2013, 10:17 AM
I was generally curious about the claim that combat armor skill boosted crit chance and crit severity since if is not mentioned in the skill tool tip or on wiki just that it provided increased damage resistance. So after some digging I found:


Wow, sometimes the dedication of STO fans to test things impresses me.

Maybe it would be simpler since this is only a theoretical discussion anyway to use the base stats of the Fleet advanced targeted armor if you really want the crit chance and think of another bonus like khg adrenal booster which is a heal + melee damage enhancement which would work well with both romulan/reman ground damage in the racial trait?

After all we want a good looking armor and undoubtedly some players would get it just for the looks, so anyone looked in the foundry's art assets for potential ideas? maybe mix match some screen shots in a graphics program?

ps- majortiraomega your knowledge of the ground pvp mechanics has always impressed even when you were killing me

Enjoy the game