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10-20-2013, 09:11 PM
Originally Posted by monodoso View Post
I stopped by this starbase and as soon as I stopped in I was asked to take off my MACO gear too. I replied that was not happening and I basically told them to piss off. I recommend to every one to just stay away.

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I've seen that too. It's part of their star-base's regulations and is part of the RP experience. I don't know what the huge problem is...

This fleet has open it's door's, literally, for everyone to RP in. The fleet is taking time out of their own plot / story lines to cater to all the MASSIVE amounts of requests to dock. I saw one guy in the chat for 5 hours inviting people in. I've seen people from the fleet stand and be security for the base and chase people rp'ing as "trouble makers" on the base.

Have some class dude. Just because you didn't want to follow their rules, doesn't mean everyone has to stay away. Maybe next time just take the gear off? Who wants to sit in a lounge with a MACO suit on anyways? Makes drinking a little difficult.

For those who see this and are curious, this is a great fleet to RP with. I am personally not with the fleet, but I have been RP'ing with them for about a month. They are great people, will help if you need it, and I appreciate them doing this for the STO community.

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