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10-21-2013, 03:32 AM
Originally Posted by wazzagiow View Post
i'm pretty sure they can break away from a 2 sided game and really expand the possibilities beyond a 2 sided red team vs blue team game.
I live in hope.

Originally Posted by wazzagiow View Post
or worst case scenario make cardassians and romulans join 'team red' and really make the population grow!
This wouldn't actually expand their population though, cause people would be playing as Cardassian and Romulan, not Klingon.

...besides, Cardassians serving the Klingon Empire?

Originally Posted by protogoth View Post
Ugh, no. No to Romulans allying with Cardassians (it could work for True Way terrorists and Tal'Shiar fascists, maybe, but no self-respecting New Romulan would consider alliance with Cardassians, not even the Cardassians who are not terrorists, and the reasons are too extensive to have to list), and no to Cardassians as a playable faction (I suggest you read up on Memory Alpha about the Cardassian-as-reptile motif).
Considering I think this is a good idea whereas you think it's a bad one, I'd be very much interested in those extensive reasons of yours. Please, share them.

I haven't come in here with some crazy idea either; I know my Trek (minus some TOS) but I grew up with TNG, DS9 & VOY; I don't need to go researching on Memory Alpha before I bring ideas to the table.

Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
They are both in very weak shape and there is whole lot of space between them, like someone mentioned there are the Klingons and if they get conquer hungry I just don't see how the Cardassians could offer help being so far away...
People keep bringing the Klingons into this... Yet it's a far bet that if the Cardassians aren't incorperated into the Romulans, then they'll be released as yet another mini faction. What does Cryptic do with mini factions? They give them the option to join the Federation or Klingon Empire. Cardassians joining the Empire? No!

Let me ask you (and everybody else) this: If you had a choice (one or the other) and the Cardassians were brought into this game as playable, would you rather them join with D'Tan and his Republic, or J'mpok and the Klingon Empire?