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I think I had a cool multi class idea. Instead of changing classes. Allow multi class!

It would work like this:

You make a new tab in the character screen for class/multi-class(little button to buy token to open multiclass. The type of token determines the second class!) that looks like the status for rep! one up one down set of choices. Normally you just use the class skills you have! But if you choose multiclass and open or buy a class you then get to start leveling the second class. This allows specialization! The boxes you choose are the class abilities and you choose which one as the levels for both classes are of equal level for that ability! Maybe with special sixth/last ability(one more than currently exists. I forgot how many) for being multiclass that each unique combo can get.The combos are only Tac/Sci, Eng/Sci, and Tac/Eng! No doubling as it wouldn't give a double version of the skill anyway! You could only choose between them.

You also only get to choose one second class! EVER! This is per character obviously! But can buy tokens to change the skills like you can with rep skills!

The drawback, which I think fits this game more, is that you are then restricted from certain ships! All, or most, ships are labeled additoinally with a tag(Tac,Sci,Eng) These ships can then be labeled with one or two tags! Sci, Eng, Tac, Tac/Sci, Eng/Sci, Tac/Eng. Though some ships could be not labeled anything to make them neutral. This would probably be the case for low end ships! The drawback is that you cannot fly any ship with the third unused tag! So a Sci/Eng cannot fly a Tac/Sci, or a Tac, or a Tac/Eng. Only Sci, Eng, Sci/Eng ships, and neutrals! It would be called extreme customization or restrictive customization!

There could be a Bar for ground and space skills! Letting you choose which one you want for each ability level! You could also do special class goals for both classes during missions etc. The system would just count you as both! So you get a choice! YOu can then use all of the stuff for both and don't have to worry about losing anything. Just having unflyable ships. Then you have ot think carefully about what you want to pick!

The ships would be labeled on, basically, what it is orented towards, or nothing. If it has more sci slots it is sci, if it has more engy is it engy, If it is naturally a mix it is both! Many ships fit these. And several factions, I think, already have orientation and hence ships. It's just a matter of choosing your sepcialization!

So then if you want a tac ship and want to be Sci/Eng, you can only pick the weaker ones! Which I think is a far drawback for the potential gain!

There could also be a special Kit that you could customize potentialy. Or just pick one from either class that arleady exists! That would definetly open up an Elachi wannabe. That would be sci/eng combo kit! The kits could be customizable through crafting. Giving crafting a permanent use ingame. If you want a new one you just make a new one and put new abilities in it. No redos! Wouldn't be that big of a deal! Then you have different level kits that let you put stuff into as a base. And just have to releast kits of different potential powers as the game progresses. Pretty minimal at that level!

You could also choose from both categories of class traits.

I would think this idea would be the easiest as it does not require to take away anything. Just add and restriced based on simple labeling to certain ships! This idea also only adds a limited of strategic addition allowing customizatoin and not being overwhelming balance wise. In fact it fits into current molds for NPCs. Like the above mentioned Elachi.

I would love to be Sci/Eng on my main! I have a Ferengi that would be a cool Tac/Sci in a ferengi maurader! That would be way more fun than changing classes. And fix basically the whole issue. You could always multiclass and choose one sides skills completely!

In fact if this was added I would enver care about class changes. I would just open up new character slots and start having fun with new combos! And this would add a nice bit of new versatility for players that I think is needed pretty badly! I bet most people would enjoy it alot!

They could even has sales for the class tokens during normal events and stuff. The tokens that have the resemblence to the game content could be on sale some percentage! Elachi would be good Sci and Eng. Heck maybe all three. Either way profit potential added to normal gameplay releases!

This is the Engineer description, when you create a new character (what you did) :
Survivability, support generators, and controlling the paths of enemy advance with fieldworks. The Engineering officer can withstand the most damage by improving the performance of their personal shields, while supporting their away team with power generators or by bottlenecking the enemies advance with defensive mine fields. The Engineer's own combat effectiveness is improved by modifications to their firearms or support fire from fabricated turrets and drones.
Sounds accurate. Survability ? Check. Fieldwork ? Check. Power generators ? Mines ? Check and check.
That is the problem. That sounds like self sufficient CC player. Which is what I was going for. But that is more of what Sci does. I thought Sci was the healer/damager and Eng was the CC/Damager! I was coming from SWTOR I think. I played Sage. I thought Engineer was what I was going for. Sci was what I really wanted. It completely confused me. The only other thing that would be better would be this kind of multi-class which would make up for it completetly. Because there are some things from an RP standpoint I would love to do. My charcter is basically Sci/Eng at heart. The full creativity and knowledge of science, per say, and application and practical abilities potential of engineering. but you currently can't sink something like that up with your character! I made a custom race that is based on the love of knowledge basically. That is Sci and Eng. Kind of like the elachi. But may or may not use drones and ground units. Though maybe he would!

This game could definetly use some of the middle ground for Rping sake. And it would add more gameplay optoins and hence more fun. More player options!!

BTW multiclass with choosing one sides abilities completely would be like a guy who went through two degrees. That is good for RPing. It is realistic especially of those in the science engineering sides from a real world perpsective. You tend to get varied experience so you can do things realistically. So multiclass is very realistic for the game. And some people would just outright study everything they could! Heck call the multiclass advanced degree. Or dual degree!

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