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So, I have long viewed the Nukara Rep System rewards as sort of useless until you hit Tier IV. Sure, the small buffs and such do some things for you, but not like the sets of space repair or damage buffs that you get - or, more to the point of this thread: those you are SUPPOSED to get - from those respective choices of "Claim T IV Reward: Auxiliary Power Configuration" which, when I looked yesterday, knowing that, after the 20-hour countdown, I was supposed to receive '+30' in each category for two of my characters.

Imagine my surprise today, then, when I completed Tier IV on not one but, again. two of my toons, and excitedly went to claim my "reward" for each and, in choosing the "Offensive" side of things, now receive...+0 to Starship Energy Weapons Training, +0 to Projectile Weapons Training, and +0 to Starship Weapons Training (standard) for BOTH of them!

So...from the anticipated '+30's each to '+0's - yeah, kind of a BIG change! Yet, another character, not quite there yet, still shows numbers I SHOULD receive...

What gives? Did I miss a memo about another nerf, or is this agonizing grinding for the Nukara system ACTUALLY useless when it comes down to it?

I took a screenshot for both characters, but can't seem to attach them.

Anyway, help please? Very annoying.

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