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10-21-2013, 06:05 AM
Originally Posted by defalus View Post
Did you view these stats in space with power settings set max aux power? I believe the TIV bonuses are based on how much aux power you have at any given time, it isn't a flat bonus.

You can't post images in this section of the forum, but you can copy the url and paste it into a post for people to use.
Yeah...feeling rather doltish. I WAS, in fact, viewing the system in a "ground" setting. once I went into "space," stats were there, though STILL much lower than they had been saying previously at 20% of my Max.

And, thanks for the input regarding the attachments vs. URL. That's what I was trying to do - had posted the pics on our Guild Website (yeah, that nerdy, ha!), but somehow think I disjointed the URLs.

Anyway, I think I am sorted out. Lower numbers, granted - annoying - but at least much higher than '0!'

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