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10-21-2013, 10:31 AM
The 26th are hardcore roleplayers. Them asking you to remove MACO armor is perfectly acceptable as a rping thing.

If you want to interact with roleplayers, then ROLEPLAY for pete's sake!

I remember once I walked around starbase 39, a Vice admiral, and two ensign players were rping and one of them did not address me by my rank but by a "Hey you".

I rped them to drop and do pushups, and they didn't blink an eye they just did the emotes.

That's how rping works, folks. You immerse yourself into a "realistic" and reasonable expectation based on your environment. If you have rules not to wear MACO armor on a starbase, and in character you refuse? That's fine, but if it's what your character Actually would do. then ask yourself, would Kirk or Sisko put up with guests on his ship/or station refusing to comply with a rule or regulation?