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10-21-2013, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
The Sovereign did get an update a few months before F2P went live. The only thing that could make her more accurate is if Jamz tweeks the skin so the hull lines are thinner and tweeks the windows so they match up the Enterprise-E model. Other than that, she is pretty accurate. Only thing better than that is if they come across a hull material that better handles lighting similar to what we seen on screen.
Don't forget the pinstripes and lacklustre bussard collectors. More attention to detailing on her black 'delta' panelling around the bridge would be nice too.

Another pet peeve is the torn/poorly laid UVs on the underside of the aft shuttle bay. They appear either as two black triangles, or bright white reflective surfaces, depending on lighting.

It's a 'close, but not quite' on the Sovereign. I live with it happily, as it is still the prettiest of any Assault Cruiser variant.

(Sorry Jamz, you know my opinion on the plucked turkey-slug that is the Regent. )