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Originally Posted by trhrangerxml View Post
As Jadzia Dax said, the empire is dying. Smart woman :p
Forcing the Gorn into submission, the Orions supporting the Empire, Nausicaans jumping on the bandwagon, simultaneously taking on the Undine threat (alone), fighting Starfleet, and a myriad of other threats.

One of the Empire's greatest, oldest enemies, the Romulans, have splintered with a group of them subjecting themselves to the Empire (as well as the Federation) in exchange for lunch money and help rounding up rodents. They will even help the Empire kill fellow Romulans & Remans.


On top of all those "activities" (of blowing s**t up), including the time honored tradition of shooting at Starfleet, the Klingons still get opportunities to kill each other here and there out of House rivalry.

For a people that savor battle, battle can be found everywhere. Nowhere will you ever find any of the KDF missions of someone in the Empire crying about the wars. Not even Worf, with the Empire at war with the Federation.

The Klingon Empire is doing GREAT!