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Originally Posted by lordlalo View Post
There would be a minimum achievement you have to reach to receive any reward, this line should be minimum (but some) effort in a minimum (but capable) ship and gear to an extreme reward as well as a leaderboard (here's to hope) for players that provide extreme effort and extreme ships and gear.

This will ensure, 1) everyone is doing their JOBs, ie, Cruisers tanking, Science is healing and debuffing, and escorts are dpsing and 2) solves the problem with under-performing and AFK players!
Falls apart in the case currently causing the most grief: Azure, in which nobody tanks, nobody shoots, and nobody heals, if the mission is done right, since the mission objectives require none of these things and having to take any of these actions represents a failure. A perfectly run Azure will result in no shots fired: Nobody shoots, nobody gets hit, nobody needs heals.