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As Jadzia Dax said, the empire is dying. Smart woman :p
The STO Federation intro gives the distinct impression that the federation is doomed.

"The chaos in Romulan space gave the Klingon Empire to a opportunity to expand their territory."

"The Federation did their utmost to preserve it's alliance with the Klingons, but war was inevitable." (war on one side of their borders)

"The Romulans want revenge for their lost world." (revenge against the Federation because Spock failed to save Romulus, war on two sides of their borders)

"The Dominion are rebuilding it's forces" (pending attack from the Dominion to take the Alpha Quadrant)

"The Borg have reappeared and attacked the Vega colony." (war on three sides of the federation border)

"The Alpha Quadrant (Federation) balances on the edge of ruin." (self centered Starfleet has to wake up to the reality, the galaxy doesn't revolve around it)

The STO Klingon Empire into gives the distinct impression of power..and of VICTORY!

"For too long we have turned our hearts from the path our father's laid." (peace with the Federation caused the Klingon Empire to stray off the path of our fathers, the path we are now back on, onward to glory!)

"I have watched you train, I have witnessed your prowess, your victory!" (The Empire is strong, Beks are trained in the art of war throughout their life, so the least in the Empire have been trained in war far better then the Federation ensigns.)

"Now.. it is your duty, your honor to serve the Empire." (The Heart of Virtue, the emblem of the Empire symbolizes Honor, Duty, and Loyalty, what does the Federation's emblem stand for?)

"Wipe the sleep from your eyes.. wake and remember the call of out fathers.." (Remember and do not forget lest we turn our hearts from the path of our fathers)

"You will be challenged.. you will know pain but you will not bend or break." (Klingons are fine with a stubbed toe, but not the Federation, they can't take a stubbed toe or indigestion)

"Fight with passion and earn your place in the halls of Sto'vo'kor." (Forward Warriors of the Empire, fight with such ferocious passion that the enemy will faint at the sight of their own blood!)

"By the blood of Kahless it will be GLORIOUS!" (By the blood of the Emperor we will be victorious, Honor to you, Warriors of the Empire, Glory to you, Warriors of the Empire, A place in Sto'vo'kor for the Warriors of the Empire!)

General Chang:

"Cry 'havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war!"

"Cry woe, destruction, ruin, and decay, the worst is death.. and death shall have his day."

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