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10-22-2013, 12:27 AM
As a Cardassian I'm not prone to provide advice for those who my people see as oppressors.

Anyway, Here are a couple of things to think about.

1. What faction do I want to be in (easiest first); sounds logical, but some fleets are only Federation while other fleets are spread out to all of the factions. If you want to play KDF or Romulan characters and want to play with the fleet you choose..make sure it has sections in the other factions too.

2. What is MY (as a player) concept going to be? I say this because a Science focused Captain may not fit in with a group that is purely PvP hack and slash (there are fleets out there like that.) If you're not a good fit for what the fleet wants to do, then you'll be forgotten.

3. What do I enjoy about the game most? Some fleets are pure PvP, others PvE, Roleplaying focused, and even more that spend most of their time building the station, mining dilithium, DOFF missions, etc. Many fleets that have big stations can make it feel more like a chore or job to build the station then the primary focus of having fun....So you need to be smart about your choice. Choose a fleet that focuses on the aspect you most enjoy, that doesn't mean you can't do other things; just that a fleet who's focus matches yours will spend more time on what you enjoy.

4. Does my character concept match the fleet concept? A Cardassian that doesn't like the Federation probably won't be in a Federation task force or Fleet. A Vulcan won't be found in an Andorian Fleet. you get the point.

5. Do you want to be on teamspeak/voice server? Many fleets avoid it while others require it.

6. How active should your fleet be on Fleet website/STO forums etc.

7. Time zones/when do you play compared to when the fleet is usually on. You may be in the Eastern U.S. but play during times which AUS, Europeans are on.

Answer those and provide that information and it will help fleets know what you want.
I'm sure I'm missing some things, so others may add to this. At least it is a start.

Have fun in whatever fleet you choose, just stay out of Cardassian space (you Federation Opressor)