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Originally Posted by psiameese View Post

Fixed that for ya.
So it is, always thought that was Majel since she sort of looked like her. My loss.

Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
I feel like the basic look of Club 47 isn't a bad nod to the disco bar where McCoy was but the big thing I see is that Starfleet installations tend to be... homier looking.

Lose the gun metal and the blue and you have something Trekkier. The features are a bit overdesigned and look techno-organic/comic booky but I think the color scheme is more at fault.

If we're looking at a total makeover, I still submit that DS9 would benefit more. It could tie to a Nor fleet holding and/or an adventure zone makeover. Being cross-faction already means it benefits everyone. Being an IP location means it is more insulated from the "dinosaurs with laser cannons are not Trek" type complaints.

The downside is that it means some missions have to get revisited by the content folks. The upside is that at least some of those can be incorporated into the zone, along with maybe some lost elements like the Fleet Action.
After watching that clip of the Enterprise's arrival, again, it got me thinking that maybe ESD should go with the late 70s Sci Fi techno look that we see in that scene, instead of a TNG or 2409 appearance? But ESD does to need a bit more color to her than blues and grays.

Honestly if they ever do a true ESD Revamp, I would like them to split off the areas into the Civilian and Military areas, never seemed legit with them mixing them into one location. Always invisioned you arrive in the transporter room and enter a huge lobby and on the far end a huge bay window you can view the interior of the space dock with ships passing by like at the shipyard.

But that's me.

DS9 interior needing a makeover? Eh, I really don't see it needing a complete overhaul, but Quark's does need holosuites (can be Foundry portals), and of course them adding the Security Office, the Infirmary, and of course the Klingon restaurant. Especially since they kicked out D'vak, they need to do something that gives players to visit there more often.

Always was disappointed the Devs never had a real creativity with items, could imagine that place be busy as a bazaar with all those shops.