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10-22-2013, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by chokopop1 View Post
I'm unsure where you got that nonsense from. We treat everyone equally, whether you're a roleplayer or not. Besides, why would you even want to go onto a Starbase, dedicated to roleplayers, if you're not a roleplayer?

Long story short, whether you're completely new to roleplaying, or a hardcore roleplayer, we'd love to see everyone. Just don't start ruining the experience for everybody else.

They initially ignore anyone not roleplaying, and if you refuse to roleplay they will refuse to send an invite to their fleet's Starbase. It's that simple...

It hilariously ironic some players pretend to care about Star Trek when their role playing discriminates against people who choose to be different...

The same arguments you are using against me are the same arguments used by racists to justify segregation. The sole fact that I wouldn't role play shouldn't have been reason enough to exclude me if you are not prejudice as you claim.

Unfortunately your claim is a lie...