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10-22-2013, 05:38 AM
If you want to interact with roleplayers, then ROLEPLAY for pete's sake!

Have some class dude. Just because you didn't want to follow their rules, doesn't mean everyone has to stay away. Maybe next time just take the gear off? Who wants to sit in a lounge with a MACO suit on anyways? Makes drinking a little difficult.
I didn't realize Pete was the God of roleplayers and demanded Roleplayers only interact with other Roleplayers...

Now that I see this is a religious thing it makes perfect sense for you all to discriminate against non-Roleplayers.

You are even telling people what they can wear and what they cannot wear! I really couldn't help you all be more fascist.

Starbase 381 will fail as soon as everyone is tried of following some kid's arbitrary rules...