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10-22-2013, 06:03 AM
OK Colour me "thick" here but I don't see the problem. Life, not just MMO's, has rules.

I've been turned away from nightclubs before for wearing trainers, doesn't mean I'd be recommending everyone in town boycott the place? Its a rule. Pure and simple. And its a rule out here in the fresh air (well almost ) of real life(tm).

Life has rules to follow, as do some fleets. You have that wonderful thing called "freewill" that allows you to decide if you wish to follow those rules or move on.

I'm not a role-player but I respect that they have a code of conduct and rules that, should I wish to visit them, have to be followed. A lot of non RP fleets do to.

And I'd recommend NOT going to a bar in a MACO/Omega force suite....its a devil getting that Pinacolada straw through a helmet

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