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10-22-2013, 06:13 AM
I saw this blog and half thought, yeah maybe I'll have a bit of fun and do some casual rp and play the characters I am rather than them being merely a tool to pew pew with. So what I'm going to say is someone who isn't a hardcore rp'er but will get in the spirit of it to make STO a more fun experience but not dominate what is after all a game and that's where I'm coming from.

I take the comments from those saying to stay away with some degree of caution as it could be them that's causing the problem although when more than one starts saying the same thing I take more notice. I'm definitely not someone to go "Bad comment! Right okay that's a no go then".

I won't judge the fleet's policy/rules it's their thing and it's up to those joining to agree and join or disagree and not join. That being said I've looked over the blog and don't see any hard set of rules to follow or a certain level of rp to join so I would use a degree of common sense. This issue of MACO wearing does concern me. Yes I can see it being weird wearing it outside of a mission but maybe there's an rp reason for it but I can't see how wearing a helmet negatively affects anyone else and shouldn't be discriminated against.

It's this sort of thing that then starts to give me second thoughts about joining. I ask myself what other rules could they have that infringe my interpretation of rp even if helmet wearing wasn't an issue? Is running a no no too? Should I avoid the hassle of coming up against rule after rule to the point it's just not fun? I get it rules are needed to ensure a successful group but if they go too far and tell me how to play the game then it then has the opposite effect and puts me right off.

So the jury's still out for me joining.

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