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10-22-2013, 06:31 AM
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... Focused Antiproton Array, Transpasic Torpedo, Antiproton Turret, Beam Array Overload III, Attack Pattern Beta I ...

Apparently this "unintelligent" person is not illiterate but do go on, explain how Attack Pattern Beta is used to launch seeds or do you think what? that the Obelisk Swarmers would not be armed?

Oh and I believe that answers the question about the FE ... Obelisk Swarmers/Idran Swarmers
2 things....

1. The carrier has been weaponized by the Coalition, not the Preservers.

2. Saying anything preserver is outright militarized is like saying the Galaxy Class was always a warship....
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We don't want what the Feds have. We want the equivalent. We want fairer treatment. Concern, desire, greed to some extent, and passionate belief that enough people would buy KDF items to make it worth Cryptic's while.