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Originally Posted by theraven2378 View Post
Daniels did say that the Klingons join the Federation by the 26th century in Enterprise, though the Federation and Klingons have had 2 previous conflicts with this being the third Federation/Klingon war, they need each other in face of the iconian threat, the dominion threat brought peace between these 2 super powers in 2373.
About that particular episode:

First: I always try to point this out - like misterde3 already mentioned - what Daniels has shown Archer was one possible future that could be altered or completely destroyed by actions of pretty much anyone involved, even our own chars in STO. There's no guarantee that the events would unravel exactly the same as Daniels portrayed it, because a minor something that Archer would do could probably alter the outcome of that proposed future.

Second: If I remember the episode correctly, Daniels never says that the Klingon Empire is a part of the Federation. He says that there is an alliance fighting the Sphere Builders that is led by the Federation and even Klingons are a member. This doesn't mean that the Klingon Empire aplied to join the UFP, to me this sounds much more like the alliance during the Dominion war. There was an alliance led by the Federation and the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire were members of that alliance against the Dominion, but not members of the UFP.

And finally: When it comes to talking in STO's terms and the game's own lore we have the Temporal Lockbox that introduced 29-th century timeships - the Wells and the Korath (later also the R'mor). This shows that even in the 29-th century the Klingons are not a member of the UFP.

About the thread topic: I don't think things are grim and dark as sometimes people make it sound. They're just a bit more complicated. For example, I agree that the KDF pugs on events that need large teams are pretty dead. But we are Klingons, in STO we have always adapted and made it work.
The last few days I've done over a dozen Klingon Starbase Defenses, the entire line of Borg ground and space STFs with pure KDF team and even the Big Dig. All of that courtesy of the channels listed in the KDF channels list thread. A big thanks for the people on these channels organizing these runs, it has been a blast.
Yeah, it's not as easy as queuing up for a pug, but if you ask around for help there are always Klingon warriors ready to jump in for a battle. We just need to be more organized and things will get done, the pop in the KDF is far from being that low so you can't get a 20 man team.

Personally, I don't want to join the factions, I want to keep them as unique a flavor as possible. I don't need to crossfaction, because I have played KDF since the beginning and with some effort I can get teams for anything most of the time. And I don't want to go to ESD, that friggin' place is a <REDACTED>. I avoid going there even with my Feds., so I use the Captain's Table. And Kahless forbid there ever be Feds on Qo'noS!
I like the peace and quiet on Qo'noS where a newbie can ask a question and get genuine answers, when you can share in game experiences and advice and where I even saw teams for STFs and fleet events being formed in zone chat. Try forming a team on ESD zone chat.

Summary - it's not easy, but then it has never been very easy for the KDF. That's what makes us generally good players of STO - we adapt, learn, cooperate and squeeze our assets even beyond their limits.
To be KDF in STO is a genuine playstile. Qapla'!

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